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Helping Silkies See

By Alan Stanford, Ph.D.
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Hold the bird at your eye level. If you can see the birds eyes, all is well. If not, plucking or trimming is necessary for the bird to thrive or just survive. If you don't want to show, trim. Trimmed feathers don't grow back until they are molted. If you will show the bird, pluck the feathers.

Remove All Feathers in the Dark Area

Plucking feathers so show birds can see.
  • You will need to pluck every 4-6 weeks
  • Pluck above and below the eye
  • Pluck the areas just in front and in the front 1/3 of the eye.
  • Pluck and then check by holding the bird at eye level and looking for the bird's eyes.
  • After you wash a bird, the feathers are fluffier and you will need to pluck again.
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