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The Many Uses of Oxine AH (Animal Health)
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by K. J. Theodore

     But I do love it! Since I introduced a product named Oxine AH (Animal Health) to the fancy about four years ago, I have had so many questions about its effectiveness and many uses, that I thought it may be time to put something together that would answer the most popular questions in one place. So, in this article, I’m going to be covering THE MANY USES OF OXINE.

     I first introduced Oxine as a medicinal treatment for upper respiratory fungal infections, as outlined in the first article I ever wrote for the Poultry Press. Oxine was certainly not anything new at that time, but it was new information to most of the fancy. It had already been used for decades in both the chlorination of municipal drinking water supplies, and was widely used throughout the commercial poultry industry. But few fanciers knew anything about it. I happened to have a duck at the time that was suffering so severely from a respiratory infection that I spoke to a Poultry Research Veterinarian friend of mine about possible treatment experiments, since illnesses such as Aspergillosis were thought of as fatal if severe. He told me about Oxine AH and how successful it had been when used as a nebulizing agent both in poultry and in the equine field. (Nebulizing meant the bird had to breathe the product into its airways.)   Read complete article.....