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What do I feed my new Silkie?


Feed Chick Starter around 20% – 24% until they are 8 weeks. Also have granite gravel and grit for them at all times.  They need it to digest their food.  Fresh water daily Feed them Grower at 20 to 24% until they are about 6 to 7 months.  When they start laying eggs you should switch them to Layena at about  18 %.  If you plan to hatch chicks mix with Game Bird starter or Layena to raise the protein for stronger chicks.  Or you can feed them other protein to boost the percentage, such as cooked egg.  Always offer oyster shell free choice to laying hens.  Mix diatomaceous earth into the chicken feed before feeding it to the silkie bantams. Add two cups of earth for every 50 pounds of feed. Adding the diatomaceous earth, an organic pesticide, keeps insects out of the feed and parasites out of the chickens. NOTE -  IT MUST BE FOOD GRADE DIATOMACEOUS – NON FOOD GRADE WILL KILL YOUR CHICKENS. Feed the silkie bantams once per day. Fill the feeders with the chicken feed mixed with diatomaceous earth.

Silkie Feed Blend

http://www.silkiechickens.com/silkie_feed_mix.htm   We blend our own feed for our adult silkies and feed it year-round.  Our chicks are fed a commercial medicated chick starter for the first 2 months, supplemented with grated carrots, hard cooked chopped eggs, greens, and an occasional yogurt-grain mixture when they get a little older.   Our feed blend starts with a 20% protein commercial poultry feed.  Since Purina is available in our area, we use Purina Game-bird Layena, which does not contain the marigold oil supplement that can affect white feathers.   In a 5 gallon bucket, fill approximately 3/4 full with base feed and add:  1 cup crimped oats 1 cup crimped barley 1 cup wheat 1/2 cup safflower seeds 3/4 cup sunflower chips 1/2 cup flax seeds 1 scoop Manna Pro Sho-Glo 1 heaping tablespoon Brewer's Yeast & Garlic Powder  Mix together well, and add:  1/2 cup wheat germ oil blend or vegetable oil 1/4 cup Red Cell Mix together very well to distribute oil and red cell evenly.  The birds also get chopped eggs and grated carrots once a week, greens like kale, collard greens, romaine lettuce as they are available, leftover tomatoes, or any fruit that is starting to go bad.   In the summer, they absolutely love watermelon!  I cut most of the red part off the rinds and put it in containers for the family, and feed the rinds to the silkies.   Twice a month, we feed a yogurt grain mixture that the birds love and that contains the good gut bacteria necessary for good digestion and health.  Since we have a lot of birds to feed, this is my recipe, but you can adjust it for your number of birds.  1 gallon bucket containing equal amounts of crimped oats, crimped barley and wheat 1/2 quart plain yogurt (with active cultures) 1 quart buttermilk  Mix together, add a little water if necessary, and refrigerate overnight.  Feed the next morning, after grain has absorbed buttermilk and yogurt.            
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